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Improving the value of your home with vinyl siding

lansing sidingPerhaps the greatest improvement realized by installing vinyl siding on your home is the maintenance free feature.  The cost associated with purchasing and installing vinyl siding is recoverable over time as you will no longer have the expenditures for paint supplies and/or painting labor.   If you don’t enjoy spending your free time on a ladder prepping your properties exterior and applying paint every 6-8 years then you are likely paying a professional painter or college student.  The tougher the climate, the sooner your property will need fresh paint and the quicker you will recover the cost of a vinyl siding remodel

Certainly, another option is to paint your building sometime further into the future and hope it holds up until you are ready and able.  The obvious drawback by not preserving your paint is that it can negatively impact the curb appeal and marketability of your building.  The less obvious consequence is that exterior paints protect wood siding from rot and water penetration into your home.  Vinyl siding not only provides maintenance free protection but it also comes with a vast array of options.

Vinyl Siding Styles

  • * Clapboard
  • * Dutch Lap
  • * Beaded
  • * Board & Batten
  • * Cedar Shake
  • * Half Round Shingle
  • * Straight Edge Shingle

The profile and design possibilities with vinyl siding are likely greater than you may have expected.  Vinyl can be installed without vertical seam; smooth finished or wood grain textured and can even resemble knotty wood or stone veneer.   Vinyl siding reveal widths are the vertical space between each siding board and those widths normally range from 3” to 6”, allowing for better customization.  Today, there is no lack of vinyl siding options with well over 300 different color choices and nearly 1000 vinyl product alternatives.  You do not need to have bright yellow 4” clapboard siding unless you so desire it. 

The Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Keeping the paint brush out of your hand isn’t the only advantage of vinyl siding.  Vinyl siding products provide a consistent and well cared for look to your property improving curb appeal.  “Maintenance free” has long been a selling point for vinyl product manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.  Vinyl siding can improve the marketable assessment of your home or office.

Vinyl siding is durable, easily installed and one of the most affordable siding choices available. Vinyl siding can help reduce outdoor noise and air infiltration into your building’s interior.  For the energy conscious consumer, insulated vinyl siding is available.  Insulated siding is produced with attached foam backing that provides an additional R-4 thermal value. 
If your existing Lansing or Mid Michigan home is constructed with 2x4 exterior walls and insulated with R-13 fiberglass batt insulation you can significantly advance the overall insulated value of your building. The higher “R” value provided by the addition of insulated panels could only be surpassed by closed cell foam insulation, which is difficult and expensive to install.   Insulation installed in existing structures often leaves visible siding plugs.  Furthermore, since framing on existing structures is not visible, it is possible that horizontal 2x’s used for blocking could leave wall pockets void of insulation. 

Vinyl Siding Installation and New Construction

The process involved with installing vinyl products during new construction is uncomplicated.  Vinyl trim products such as starter strips, window and door channels and vertical corners are first attached to building framing by use of aluminum or galvanized nails or screws.  Vinyl siding has slots where the fastener is drawn down to a 1/32” gap.  The loose fit allows the siding to move as vinyl products will expand and contract with temperature changes. 

Tight fitting fasteners can cause the siding to buckle, a problem that may not be visible until the temperatures climb or drop.  Once the trim pieces have been installed the siding is fastened in the same manner.  The bottom piece is installed first and the next overlapping panel similar to wood siding products hides the fasteners. 

Vinyl Siding Installation for Home Improvement Projects

Is it necessary to remove my existing siding before vinyl siding can be installed?  Not at all, vinyl siding can be installed directly over your original siding.  The application process is similar to new construction with a few prep work exceptions.  The siding has to be installed over a smooth flat surface.  If your home originally had clapboard siding, the flat requirement is achieved by installing furring strips vertically over the clapboard at regular intervals.  The new vinyl siding fasteners are then attached directly to the furring strips. 

What should you expect from your Siding Contractor?

A reputable siding contractor should provide you with a clear and concise estimate of cost, time and project process.  They should remove and re-install protrusions such as gutters and light fixtures.  If any of the original wood trim or siding on your home or business is rotted it should be replaced.   Rotted wood can attract termites.  Termites eat non-stop and to this insect, rotted wood is a delicacy.  Total termite damage is said to exceed $2 billion dollars annually.  Make certain that your chosen contractor thoroughly inspects for insects and rot and discusses these findings and associated cost with you prior to the start of construction. 

A home improvement or siding contractor should also remove loose caulk and re-caulk around all window and door openings to protect your home or business from future water entry and damage.  A single piece of vinyl siding is waterproof but a vinyl sided building is not impermeable to water.  Vinyl siding is equipped with small weep holes located along the bottom edge of each siding panel.  The holes are designed to release any water that penetrated behind the siding which is possible during stormy weather.

Since vinyl siding does not provide a weatherproof barrier, it may advisable to add additional protection.  House wraps are regularly installed during new construction but are less common on home improvement projects.  Consult with your construction representative about applicable building codes for your area.  One final advantage to vinyl siding products is the ease of keeping them clean. 

Protecting your investment

Some siding manufacturers advertise that their products are algae resistant but not algae proof.  If your building’s new siding requires cleaning it can be accomplished with a hose and elbow grease or by pressure washing.  Whether you perform or contract the cleaning service, be certain care is used so not to damage the siding with high pressure sprayers, manufacturer unapproved cleaning agents or by directing excessive water volume under siding components.  Vinyl siding can provide years of protection and perk up curb appeal of your real estate investment.  If you have additional questions about vinyl product options and cost, contact your recommended local siding professional, JR Neely Home Improvements.  

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