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replacement windows Lansing MichiganJR Neely offers many options and types of replacement windows.  Our customers may choose from bay windows, bow windows, garden windows, casement windows, slider windows, single hung windows, double hung windows, pictures windows and a wide variety of specialty windows in many shapes and sizes.  Read some frequently asked questions about replacement windows below:
Who should I buy windows from?
Where do I go to buy an efficient window?
Why are my windows drafty and will new windows stop the draft?
Will new windows eliminate condensation?
What kind of maintenance do windows require?
Why do my new insulated-glass windows “sweat” during very cold weather?
What is the effectiveness of storm windows?
Your windows or doors let in too much cool air in winter and warm air in summer.
Your windows don’t open or close easily.
Your windows are difficult to clean.

Who should I buy windows from?

A consumer should select a window company who sells energy efficient products, has a reputation for service and stability, and provides a warranty on the unit. We recommend that you buy from a window company with a commitment to participating in the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certification and labeling process and in the ENERGY STAR® Windows program.

Many window replacement companies will also participate in the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and will have a permanent label on the product indicating their participation. Membership in all of these organizations is an indication that you are dealing with a manufacturer who cares about the quality of their product and the product's energy efficiency.

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Where do I go to buy an efficient window?

Before you buy a window, we recommend that you do your research via the web and written material and then shop around. Windows are complicated devices, made more complicated by the fact that recommended window types vary by climate. Climates where heating is very important have different product recommendations than climates where cooling is more important.

First, educate yourself about what kind of window is right for your climate and needs. Learn about the NFRC and ENERGY STAR® labels and why they are important. We recommend that you go to the SPONSORING MEMBERS section of this web site, click on manufacturers, and become familiar with Efficient Windows Collaborative members who sell products in your area. Go to member web sites; explore their products, information, and materials. Then prepare yourself to ask questions.

Visit retailers or distributors. Look for the product you want within your price range. Ask questions of the sales staff and let them tell you about the energy efficiency features of the products. Remember to 1) look for the ENERGY STAR®, 2) Look for the NFRC label, 3) select a product that is right for your climate and your pocketbook.

Sometimes a homeowner feels more comfortable with a particular window contractor rather than a particular product. Installation is a very important issue with windows. Ask your window contractor to describe the installation process. Make sure your window contractor knows as much about ENERGY STAR® products and NFRC labeling as you do.

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Why are my windows drafty and will new windows stop the draft?

Drafty windows and air infiltration could have several causes. Improper window installation is often the culprit but not always. If the windows were improperly installed, the defects can normally be corrected without removing or replacing the window. Proper caulking and flashing should prevent perimeter air leakage. However, if the installation twists or racks the window frame causing the sash weatherstrip not to be able to seal the sash to the frame, removal of the window to correct the problem may be necessary. You can determine whether the air is coming in at the joint between the frame and the house or the joint between the sash and the frame. Hold a lighted candle or lighter in front of each joint when the wind is blowing and slowly move it along the joint. If the flame flickers strongly or goes out, the joint is probably leaking. CAUTION: BE CAREFUL NOT TO CATCH THE DRAPES OR BLINDS ON FIRE!!!

If the problem is installation, you will have to work with the builder or a window contractor to correct the problem. If the leak is between the frame and the sash and the window has been installed square, plumb, level and is not twisted or racked, the problem may be construction of the window or window design. If your windows are not efficient in your climate and particularly if it does not have insulated glazing, the air may not be leakage but simply cold room air flowing down the surface of the window. As the window surface becomes colder, it cools the room air next to it. This cooled room air is then heavier than the warmer room air further into the room. Because the cooled room air is heavier it sinks toward the floor and is replaced by warmer room air, which is then cooled. This process can result in noticeable air flow but it is not air leakage from the outside. Replacement of the window by an energy efficient window is the solution here.

If the problem is the construction of the window in a new house or a recent retrofit, you will have to work with the builder or contractor and the window manufacturer to correct the problem. Your ability to get satisfaction here will depend greatly on how the window was specified in your contract or by the builder and your ability to negotiate with these parties. You certainly should be entitled to receive what you specified and paid for. However, if the specification was vague or non-existent, you must negotiate to improve your situation.

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Will new windows eliminate condensation?

Condensation is a direct result of interior humidity and the difference between indoor and outside air temperature. If you keep the humidity in your house low, then the likelihood of experiencing condensation is also low. However, the efficiency of your window will also impact the temperature and humidity level at which condensation occurs. Energy efficient windows will help reduce condensation. Here's why: high performance windows with low U-factors result in inside glass surface temperatures much closer to the room air temperature. Windows with warm edge technologies and non-metal frames are also less likely to have condensation on the frame or at the edge of the glass. Insulated "superwindows" with three or more layers will virtually eliminate condensation on the interior surface of the glass -- even under extreme cold weather conditions.

Note that in certain conditions (humid mornings after a clear night sky), some superwindows may have dew on their outside surface. These windows are such good insulators, the dew is condensing there just like it does on an insulated wall.

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What kind of maintenance do windows require?

Sash and frame surfaces, drainage systems, glass (whether single-glazed or insulating), and hardware all require periodic maintenance for best service, smooth operation, and long life.

  • Keep sash and frame surfaces clean, but never use petroleum-based cleaners, solvents, or caustic chemicals on sash or frame surfaces, or glass. Wax aluminum frames with a high quality car wax.
  • Keep sill and track areas clean and free of dirt, sand, dead insects, and other debris. Keep weep holes clear.
    For mechanically joined (screwed together) frames, be sure corners are caulked to prevent water penetration to the interior.
  • Keep the glass clean, but do not use a high-pressure spray nozzle when rinsing your windows. Never use a razor blade, putty knife, or abrasive pad to clean the glass, frames, or sash.
  • Check the operation of locks, latches, sash balances, and hinges. All hardware must be regularly cleaned and maintained. Use silicone spray if you need to lubricate your window rollers or tracks. Do not use oil-based lubricants, as they may cause metal rollers to collect dirt and nylon rollers to deteriorate.
  • Check weather stripping around operable window and door panels to be sure it seals evenly and is not excessively worn or twisted.

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Why do my new insulated-glass windows “sweat” during very cold weather?

Even the best-insulated windows can condense moisture from the air if the outdoor temperature is low enough and the indoor relative humidity is high enough. You’re probably using a room humidifier or a humidification system connected with your furnace. Assuming that the windows were properly installed, try reducing the humidity setting during very cold weather.

What is the effectiveness of storm windows?

provide daylight, ventilation, and solar heating to the inside of our homes, but they are also potential sources of energy loss that can lead to excessive air conditioning and heating costs. The National Association of Home Builders Research Center estimates that 43 percent of American homes have single-pane windows that would benefit from cost effective improvements.

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Your windows or doors let in too much cool air in winter and warm air in summer.

Old, worn-out windows or patio doors are often leaky, which can result in high energy bills during peak heating and cooling months. The glass may be loose (in which case it should be re-glazed) or the seal between the sash and frame may have weakened. The cost of replacing failing windows is often dwarfed by overall household energy costs, but we recommend replacing old single-pane windows with modern windows that feature dual-pane Low-E glass for a substantial energy savings. If your windows are in decent shape but still leak, consider applying new weather stripping. It’s easy to install and available at most building supply stores.

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Your windows don’t open or close easily.

For casement windows, the solution may be as easy as cleaning and lubricating the operating hardware with a light oil or dry silicone spray. Avoid lubricants or harsh abrasive cleaners -- these will break down or collect dirt and grime. Gliding window tracks also need periodic cleanings to maintain easy sash operation. Otherwise, you may be looking at a warped frame and sash caused by house settling, which can skew the rough opening the window sits in. Here, we recommend removing the entire window and reframing and squaring the opening. Then simply insert a new window.

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Your windows are difficult to clean.

Some homes must weather tough environmental conditions by virtue of their locations -- such as areas of heavy industry, or along the coast. Airborne particles abound in these environments, and they stick to windows. That means frequent washing. Thankfully, some window products are available to help ease the chore. Many double-hung windows now feature tilt-in sash designs. This means the exterior glass can be cleaned from the inside -- just tilt the sash inward. If grilles cause cleaning headaches for you, consider ordering windows with grilles built-in between the glass. It’ll be easier to wipe the windows clean.  If replacement windows are an option for you, Andersen 400 series windows and patio doors come standard with glass that stays cleaner with less water-spotting.  When activated by the sun, this High-Perfomance® Low-E4® glass helps make cleaning easier --while maintaining all the benefits of High-Performance Low-E glass such as energy efficiency and sound reduction.

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